Muscular Dystrophy Foot Reconstruction

By Robert R. Kiley

In July, 2008, I met Dr. Kenneth Leavitt at his office at New England Baptist Hospital. My left foot had been deformed since birth du e to Muscular Dystrophy. For the previous five years I could not walk 50 feet without excruciating pain. He took some x-rays, told me exactly what he was going to do, and how long I would be laid up. After three surgeries, I walked out of rehab with the help of crutches.

Last month I walked two miles on long beach in Gloucester without pain, something that I love, but had not been able to do in six years. Thanks to Dr. Leavitt and his colleague Dr. Talmo.

Doctor Leavitt could practice anywhere in the world and has, but he chose New England Baptist. The Baptist in my opinion is the finest hospital in the country. From the time I walked through the door, everyone I met was professional and courteous, including admissions, housekeeping, X-ray, and transport. The nurses are as talented as the Doctors. The women in Dr. Leavitt's office have helped me in many ways and still do. They are professional and very welcoming.

Dr. Leavitt himself as a man is charming, witty with a fabulous sense of humor. He has restored the quality of life for not only myself, but countless others. I try to pass on some of his cheerfulness to other people I meet. When I die, I am going to have my foot hanging out of my casket with his telephone number on it. I am not a religious man, but if I ever meet Jesus, I would recommend he see Dr. Ken and have that spike removed from his feet.

Robert R. Kiley
Lincoln, Massachusetts