International Surgical Services

International Surgical Services

International Surgical ServicesEver since Dr. Ken Leavitt served over six-months as a medical student in Germany, Ken has been committed to working with practitioners in foreign lands. Whether it be learning from or teaching new techniques to physicians or performing direct service to patients in those countries, Dr. Leavitt has a lifetime commitment to international service.

Dr. Leavitt has taught and performed surgery in such countries as England, Germany, Lithuania, Belarus and India, going back to 1982. For five years from 1996 to 2001, he and his family served in Lithuania through the services provided by a non-profit western quality-of-care clinic he co-founded in 1992, the Baltic-American Medical and Surgical Clinic.

More recently he worked in India during the summer of 2006 where Dr. Leavitt answered the call of a disabled young woman in India's poorest province (Orissa). With the help of his high school aged daughter, he traveled with specialized surgical equipment to perform reconstructive foot and ankle surgery on two patients in a 100-bed hospital on the edge of the jungle. He also lectured to orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists.

Dr. Leavitt and his associates are available to travel and lecture, conduct seminars, perform on-site surgery to benefit patients where such surgery is not available. They are also available to teach and train local physicians.

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Photo: Dr. Richard Cervin, MD, of Australia, and Dr. Leavitt, consult on a patient at the Baltic-American Clinic in Vilnius, Lithuania.