Reconstructed Foot & Ankle Corrects the Source of 30 Years of Pain

By John E. Fink, Sr.

This testimonial was hard to write, not because I didn't know what to say, but I couldn't say everything I feel about the compassion and skill of this great surgeon.

I have spent the last 30 years n constant foot and leg pain in both limbs due to the condition of my bones and limbs. I was active in scouting events and worked as a chef for those 30 years, a job that required me to stand and walk for 40 hours a week. By the time I met with Dr. Leavitt, I had been walking on my ankles for several years, always in pain.

Doctors over the years spent more time in addressing the pain rather than the source of the pain. Finally, a surgeon whom I was seeing for another matter recommended Dr. Leavitt at New England Baptist Hospital in Mission Hill.

The first time Dr. Leavitt saw my x-rays, he took my hands in his and said "You poor, poor man, how have you been walking with feet and ankles in this deplorable condition?" I could have wept with relief. He immediately went over a plan of action and checked his schedule to get me into surgery sooner than later. His compassion and concern for my foot was more than I had ever encountered. Other doctors had been sympathetic but none had the insight and knowledge to address a resolution for the problem.

Dr. Leavitt's plan was to straighten and reinforce my right ankle first and to build an arch into my foot. I have always had totally flat feet so the idea of having n actual arch was, in a word, uplifting. The surgery would require pulling the bones in the foot back where they should have been, near the ankle. Metal screws would be placed through the ankle to the bone residing next to the ankle. This would help reinforce the ankle and prevent it from moving and becoming dislocated again. To ensure my left ankle wouldn't continue to deteriorate, dr. Leavitt ordered a leg/ankle brace to wear until the right foot was totally healed and the left foot could be operated on as well.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Leavitt provided me with brochures for a knee walker and a dry cast (for showering). We purchased both and used them constantly to get around. I had surgery on my right foot April 29, 2015. Everything went according to plan and my recovery was uneventful and quick. Prior to each appointment to check his footwork, I had x-rays taken a short walk down the hall from his office. Dr. Leavitt could view these immediately on his computer before I could walk back to his office. He moves very quickly and his visitation is short but full of charm and information. He is compassionate and caring, but he injects good-natured humor and comments during the visit.

By December 3, 2015, I was ready for my 2nd surgery on the left foot. Seven months of no pain in the right foot made me eager to have the same results in the other foot. Not only did I have no pain in the right corrected foot, I went down a shoe size and width and walk straighter now without a sailor's rolling gait.

My second surgery was easier since it was the lesser-damaged foot. I truly cannot express my happiness, relief and satisfaction with Dr. Leavitt. I have referred several people to him and am willing to talk to any prospective patients who have reservations about facing similar surgery. Hope in some small way that my willingness to have Dr. Leavitt's patients call me or e-mail me, enhances his ability to help others.

   John E. Fink, Sr.
   Brockton, MA